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Shenzhen huaqiang north to become the world's electricity mobile phone accessories procurement center
Publish£ºShenzhen Lupping Battery Co., Ltd.  Time£º2016/7/15

After several rounds of change, huaqiang north electronic market in their respective his way out.Seg market plans to build the world's largest smart apparel foreign trade wholesale base, huaqiang group invested ten million yuan to build center huaqiang north and guest, yuanwang plan and electronic chamber of commerce cooperation between the south Asian market, new Delhi, India...In the face of merchants falling sales trend, Ming tong digital city didn't take rent retention tradition, but the breakthrough of the transformation and upgrading of brewing.

"According to the change of the mobile phone market at present, we decided to do mobile phone after a series of market research vertical classification market".According to   Peter Force Trade£¨hk£©Limitied Wu zuo sheng explanation, mobile phone vertically classified market, refers to the segmentation via mobile phones and related accessories, generally divided into machine, inside and outside and apparel products.Only mobile phone accessories including mobile phone protection, power accessories, wire accessories, headphones, speakers, storage devices, jewelry accessories, repair parts, and wear smart products developed by the APP.

"The reconstruction of the  Peter Force Trade£¨hk£©Limitied, aimed at accessories interface, will provide the lowest price, most complete products, most quantitative service, hope to be able to meet young people seeking differentiation in mobile phone accessories in consumer demand."Wu Zuo Sheng said, for now the most popular smart apparel accessories and smart phone hardware, will also be a Peter Force  after a big selling point.

Camp in three main mobile phone accessories merchants Wu Zuo Sheng told reporters that he has been here in Ming tong digital city for ten years, has experienced the huaqiang north marked ups and downs of the mobile phone market.Nowadays, consumer demand for personalized mobile phone accessories are increasing.Although many cell phone accessories profits only between 0.5 yuan t