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Job: Front Desk Service
1 formulate strategies tackling customers, collect customer feedback, guidance and assistance to business managers to improve performance
(2) report to the customer needs and business managers and industry conditions; helps companies develop strategies
3 and customers to maintain good communication, respond to customer requirements, to meet customer needs
4 Customers are responsible to achieve sustained and stable supply, make sure customer orders back section
5 full use of internal resources, and coordinate with various departments
Education: College degree or above
Major: Marketing and related professional
Basic skills: strong communication skills, proficiency in basic computer and good English
Basic qualities: 1. Familiar with LED light series, high power, low power, and LED lamps series and other related products
2. Honest and trustworthy, loyal, warm and cheerful, outgoing, proactive and dare to challenge the high salaries paid and personal career pinnacle
Special requirements: LED and related products peers work experience more than one year

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